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Abundance Thinking

So, at the risk of stating the bleedin’ obvious, abundance thinking is the opposite of poverty thinking!

Poverty thinking is the realm of pessimists and keeps you stuck for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you’re thinking about poverty you are going to be stressed, so your Inner Reptile is going to be taking charge and your thinking is going to be just about survival.

Abundance thinking, on the other hand, starts with the basic belief that things are going to get better and makes the assumption that there is a solution. And if you focus on solutions, what do you think happens? Yes, solutions grow! In an abundance state of mind you are no longer thinking about surviving but thriving.

In this mode investment becomes the priority, your focus is on taking what you have, however small, and making it expand so it can take you forward. You can invest in stocks and shares or property or better still, you can invest in yourself. Investment in your own personal growth and education always repays itself far in excess of any other type of investment.

In abundance thinking you have full access to your amazing brain so you can think creatively and consider consequences, weigh up options and make calm, rational decisions while still maintaining access to your sixth sense, intuition. In abundance thinking you are always focusing on the next step forward, onwards and upwards.

Abundance thinking depends on you being able to see beyond the current reality to a better future. And once you begin to focus on it, your thinking creates that better future.

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