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Let Your Goals Out To Play

There is a theory that when you have set yourself some powerful and challenging goals you should keep them to yourself or at least only share them with a small select group of people.

I can see why that would make sense. There’s nothing worse than telling someone about the goals you are so passionate and excited about, only to be shot down in flames by a low-achieving energy vampire telling you "who do you think you are? There’s no way you’re going to do that!". If you hear that too many times its easy to forget the whole thing and give up!

On the other hand, if you have set your goals from purpose, and you have a powerful and compelling vision for how amazing your life will be as these goals click into place then why should anyone be able to shake you from your mission? And if they do pull you down it means you need to go back to your purpose and vision and strengthen them. It's like strengthening your foundations. In a funny way the naysayers are doing you a favour!

I think you should put your goals out there. The world needs to hear from people with fantastic goals and beautiful visions. It needs to hear that great things are possible. And if that challenges a few miserable people... so what?

In fact your grand goals are more likely to inspire other people into action. And you never know, the more people you tell the more likely it is that someone will say “I know how to help you do that!”

What do you think? Do you keep your goals close or let them out to play?

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