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Visionary Teamwork

If you want to create a successful results driven team one of the most useful things you can do is to encourage the leaders of the team to create a powerful vision that they can all work towards.

Our brains work largely in pictures. Its really hard for us to think about something that we can’t picture. For example, if I asked you to visualise your car you would be able to do that easily and the ability to do that means that you can find it quickly in a car park. But if I asked you to visualise a Hibberyijokky you would likely have no idea what I was talking about and if one happened to sit down beside you you would not recognise it!

Why is this important for teamwork? Well, you want your team to understand what results they are trying to create and if the results are something they’ve never done before, how will they recognise when they’ve achieved them?

Creating a powerful shared vision makes it easy for your team members to work together to create strategies that will achieve the desired results, to keep on track while they are working towards them and to know when its time to celebrate.

Many companies focus on team building before they focus on vision building. But the reality is that trying to do one without the other will lead to fragmented teams and challenges in achieving results.

Getting a clear and compelling vision for your team at the very start of a project will ensure you have the right people working together in the right places to achieve the right results.

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