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Knowing It All

I find it really interesting how I can read the same thing again and again and watch the same movie again and again and yet every time I see things that I didn’t see before.

But, if you think about it it's not strange at all. It's not that the book has changed or the movie has changed. But I have changed. So every time I see it, I’m looking at it from a different perspective and I learn something new.

Last week I went to a Digital Marketing Workshop hosted by my friend Bassem Saber. It was my second time at that workshop and a couple of people asked me why I was doing it again - did I not get enough out of it the first time?

In reality, I went back because I had learned so much the first time! And I learned so much more the second time round that had completely gone over my head the first time because my knowledge level then was so low. I literally didn't know what I didn't know. Second time round I knew what I didn't know and was able to look out for the gaps in my knowledge and recognise what I needed to pay special attention to. When I go a third time I will learn even more because I've laid the foundation to take my knowledge to a much higher level.

So if you ever get that feeling that you know it all and you don’t need to hear something again, think about it very carefully. You could be missing a huge insight that your new perspective was just ready to show you. And that insight could give you just what you need to know to take action to get to the next level in your life.

From my experience, people who think they really know it all really don’t! Knowledge is infinite and we never stop learning!

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