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The Real Secret to Finding Happiness

The real secret to happiness is actually much more simple than anyone makes it out to be. Though I guess countless books would not get published and countless blogs (including this one), websites and workshops would cease to exist if everyone suddenly realised how very simple it is.

So here it is: find out what you absolutely love to do and then create a strategy to spend as much time as possible doing it and to increase that time every day. Hey, I said it was simple. I didn’t say it was easy!

It may be that when you first start you can only carve out a few minutes each day. That’s normal, so keep working at it, use happiness as a wedge to create your amazing life.

The more time you spend doing the stuff you absolutely love, the more passionate you become about your life. Passion creates energy and the more energy you have the more effective you are at everything you do. And, as like attracts like, the more energy you create the more you attract.

So here’s the real key – one of the ways we in this material world “express” energy is in terms of wealth. So quite literally, the more passionate you are about your life the more wealthy you can become! And remember, wealth is not just expressed in terms of piles of money, though they are very useful! Wealth can also be measured by how many great relationships you have, how healthy you are, how happy and fulfilled you and your family are, and by how much of a positive difference you can make to your society.

All that just from doing what you really love! Why aren’t we all doing it?

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