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A Permanent Reptilian Upgrade

Its all very well having all these ways of fooling the inner reptile to make him compliant to your goal achieving aspirations, but all of this is hard work! Wouldn’t it be nice if he would just let go and come along for the ride?

Well, first of all you need to acknowledge that he is doing a great job! You’re still alive aren’t you? So often we beat ourselves up for our “failures” which does only one thing – it puts us under even more stress.

We tell ourselves we’re stupid, that we are failures, and that we will never improve. I once heard a prominent motivational speaker suggesting we go into a bathroom, look at ourselves in the mirror and give ourselves a big telling off! And what does our system do in response to that? Well, it gets even more stressed, produces more adrenalin and the little reptile says “see, I was right, there is danger and you need protecting and that's my job” and he takes an even tighter hold, stops us doing the things we need to do to succeed and creates even more feelings of failure. Another vicious circle.

So give your inner reptile a big hug instead of telling him off – thank him for all the amazing work he’s done for you in keeping you alive and then gently take back control!

Now your human brain is back in charge how does it stay there?

There is one way to permanently re-programme the reptile so that it works with you to create your fabulous life. We are all born with a purpose, something we are born to do, our own unique ability to make our lives fulfilled and satisfying and to make the world a better place. It is called our Life Purpose. It’s not just some airy-fairy, idealistic thing, that only monks and philosophers get to do. It actually is our very reason for being here, and as such is essential to our survival.

The way your life purpose works is that it over-writes your basic programming. Once you have aligned yourself with your true purpose in life, and accepted that this is who you are, then your life purpose becomes your new basic programming. Instead of holding you back, making you do the same things over and over so that you never take on the scary changes, your reptile is now working to help you live your life purpose. Instead of stopping you making that important phone call the reptile will force you to make it. Instead of leaving everything to the last minute and doing a mediocre job, you will start in plenty of time to do the best possible work and shine.

Being successful on purpose will be as instinctive as dropping a hot potato, and as effortless.

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